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to the VINES

He comes from a Burgundian Family, more precisely one implanted in Beaune.
Stéphane Guidot has paced the vineyards of his region for some 30 years. He knows intimately the local soils, along with the men that make them breathe. He devotes his energy to making them available to the amateurs of the whole world. Or to the most beautiful gourmet tables.

The ultimate stage, the final bouquet of the path of a lover of wine.
This is how Burgundy is often experienced. It does not impose itself but is discovered. It unfolds gradually and asks patience, even diligence, before pretending to know it. It plays mischievously as well those already made ideas.
No amateur would do the round of it in a few pulls on the corkscrew...

Burgundy, like many other well know wine regions, needs a "ferryman" to reveal it. It is the vocation of Version Vin and the founder, Stéphane Guidot.
A passion born very early. Stéphane Guidot discovered the world of wine, whilst studying at the Agricultural College in Beaune. He aroused enthusiasm for the vine, wine-growing and oenology. It was a period during which he made binding relationships with many of the future Burgundian vintners and elsewhere.

At the end of his studies, Stéphane Guidot decided to become a campaign broker. An ancient activity in Burgundy, that allows to assure the relationships between the vine-growers and the wine merchants. An essential vocation that consists of finding the vintages, that will bring happiness to the large Burgundian wine houses that raise, bottle and market a substantial quantity of the Burgundian wines. Stéphane spent long days in the vines and the cellars, close to the men of the soil. He tastes the vintages, the barrels one after the other, and the blends. A precious and irreplaceable experience that his Version Vin clientele will benefit from, as from 1992.


to the WINE

Hundreds of vine-growers and soils, a new vintage each year. Wine is an inexhaustible source of discoveries and emotions. It is thanks to the daily contact that the Version Vin team enrich a unique experience. An appreciated expertise that assures the faithfulness of a growing number of wine professionals.

"One can say a lot about wine, in general, it is better to keep your gob shut!" pleased to separate the actor and the vine-grower Gérard Depardieu. The humor that Stéphane Guidot establishes in principle. The great bottles, as all the great works of art are self-sufficient. However, Stéphane Guidot never opens a bottle alone. Wine is exchange, generosity, but an experienced palate does not need a bombastic speech, to share a favorite.

The vine and the wine are great professors of patience and humility. The values that are obligatory each moment at Version Vin.

Strongly implanted nearest to the wines and vine-growers, the Version Vin team make it a point of honor to taste, with the producers, each blend of each vintage. An indispensable deep knowledge to understand and appreciate them, to shatter some preconceived images.

A closeness that allows Version Vin, an exceptional privilege, to offer the totality of the 33 Burgundy grand crus. The premises are equipped with a tasting room, to discover, exchange, confirm and confront each other's impressions. A daily contact with that which no one would call a "product" but that the Version Vin team would consider above all as the working yearly fruit of the vine-growers. The result of a priceless know-how, a combined prowess of man and nature. An instant of magic that only asks to be appreciated by all the fine palates all over the world.



The world of wine, the vine-growers to his codes, his habits. Stéphane Guidot knows them very well. He strides the vineyards for 3 decades. A position that places him to the forefront, to accompany the future talent, the stars of tomorrow. Version Vin stands as their partner of confidence to build solidly and accompany their ascension.

All wine regions are singular, but the wine of Burgundy cultivates their own genius and consistency without equal for centuries. Today more than ever, at the moment of all standardized, it ardently claims its complexity. The Burgundian vineyards are a patchwork of soil, the famous Climates, some no bigger than a comfortable garden. These vines are worked by more than 3 000 vine-growers, they apply themselves to give a kick to their blends. There are many family domains, with more or less talent and demands, to give birth to exceptional or disappointing wines.

With his long experience as a wine broker and agent, Stéphane Guidot is directly engaged with the vine-growers who wear the colors of Burgundy. His constant presence in the cellars, and the vines, in fact also a promotor of talent, that asks nothing more than to be recognized. Young vine-growers that set up, the next generation that take over........ the world of wine, under its unchanging gait, is in perpetual evolution. It moves with time!

"My vocation is to bring the whole world to the cellar doors" explains Stéphane Guidot. This know-how, he has transferred to his team. He has also developed in other French vineyards.

Respect of the wine,

respect for the CUSTOMERS

After having shined long time in the center of Beaune, Version Vin moved to new premises in 2019. An optimized site for the conservation and shipment of the bottles all over the world.

The Head Office of Version Vin is installed to the South of Beaune since 2019, near to the main crossroads of communication. A site endowed with a tasting room, a temperature controlled and fully secured warehouse that allows the reception, conservation and shipment of the bottles all over the world, and in the ultimate conditions for the wine.
Anything else would be a lack of consideration for the wine-growers, and a lack of professionalism, explains Stéphane Guidot. In addition, the well-known names of the restauration and French delicatessen are partners of Version Vin. The wines are exported to the United States of America, Canada, Scandinavia, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan etc..

From the beginning, several domains, among the most prestigious known in France have confidence in Version Vin for nearly 30 years.

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